Skill sessions are being implemented with the needs of each DDC division and branch in mind. The purpose of these sessions is to provide general construction stormwater and dewatering information to all staff. The goal of the sessions is to provide opportunities to gather feedback, and develop and modify skill sessions over time so they can provide the best guidance possible.  The skill sessions have been presented using either Powerpoint or Prezi.  See below for topics covered by each division/branch and tips on using Prezi.

Staff are being trained simultaneously with the release of tools and templates on this website.

Quick training videos on stormwater and dewatering topics are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Most recent skill session featuring speaker Linda Speerstra, Chief, Regulatory Office at Army Corps of Engineers

Check out this video for discussion on navigating this NPDES website and utilizing all the great resources here.

DDC-FD, Construction Management Branch

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DDC-FD, Project Management Branch

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ENV-WEC, Construction Management Branch

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ENV-WEC, Collection System Engineering

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ENV-WEC, Plant Engineering Branch

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